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Private Coaching

A structured and inspiring approach


Our approach is based on the firm belief that there is an intuitive knowledge in everyone of us. The role of the coach is to let emerge and organize that natural knowledge. During every session, the client is welcomed in a convivial and supportive environment. This structured and inspiring support helps to prioritize the enhancement of the necessary elements to the person's blossoming.

Coaching is especially effective for:

  • Deepening and aligning the levels of connection within ourselves and others

  • Acknowledge and recognize our talents and potential

  • Harmonize our interpersonal relationships with the practice of an efficient communication

  • Develop our resilience and to learn to accept our mistakes with grace

  • Establishing strategies to remain centered, especially in times of doubt, vulnerability or transition

  • Widen our self-consciousness and to incorporate a new perception:the perception of “the field of possibilities”,
    with a view to maximizing the options that are available to us

  • Allow ourselves to dream and to realize those dreams in a structured way

  • Develop our creativity and to use it on a daily-basis


Business Coaching

Develop an authentic and efficient leadership

Business Coaching and career development is a long-lasting relationship between the coach and the coachee that will enable the optimization of his/her potential and his/her talent in the professional environment. Coaching accelerates the progression of the client by giving them awareness and understanding of their choices.


Business coaching is especially effective for:

  • Executives, business leaders and group managers

  • Leadership development

  • Strategy and organizational development

  • Performance acceleration

  • Change management (restructuring, reorganization, culture change))

    • Development of emotional intelligence and stress management

    • Management of priorities and time management

    • Conflict and crisis management

  • Harmonization of relations between group members

  • Career transition

  • Outplacement

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