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Human Resources Development


There is an unlimited potential in each of us. All that is required is to release that potential in order to achieve the goals we set ourselves.

Being a generative change center, Yodeleï encourages elaboration, discovery, enrichment and enhancement of the resources needed to release potential.


Within companies, this effect can be maximized when we align teams to a strategic vision.

By harmonizing current management practices and guiding individual contributions towards a collective vision, we seek to strengthen commitment by creating the right conditions for a healthy work environment, to stimulate synergies, to reveal talents and to create innovative solutions.


Our expertise and our passion for the business will enable us to assist in the development and the implementation of a successful strategy to unlock your full potential and grow your business sustainably.







Our philosophy

Experiencing the most inspiring journey

A wind of change leads to a revival: to re-invent, to re-energize our systems and ourselves. Disruptive times demand concentration and strength. They drive us to undergo constant evolution, being almost a quantum leap.

Stay sharp, resourceful and innovative in this era of deep transformation, and of great opportunities for companies and individuals. 

To achieve excellence, the real challenge nowadays is to give the best of ourselves in order to stand out with actions that reveal our true identity. By doing this, we can still generate value and stay true to our essence, contributing to build a better world for ourselves, our clients and the following generations.

Reveal the genius within

Resistance to obstacles, “battling against life's non-desired events” consumes valuable energy and resources; our philosophy is to roll with events, to welcome those obstacles and transcend them by transforming them into a leverage point with the help of an integrative vision, generative of new resources.

The human being is a variety of multiple converging intelligences, including cognitive, emotional, somatic and relational. A generative approach combines all of these forms of intelligence making them accessible and enabling their coordination in order to be able to achieve our goals.

By sharing the same aspiration, several individuals can create synergies building a bigger, collective intelligence. So many resources are available and if aligned to the achievement of a mutual goal, become the foundation of collective wealth and excellence.

Achieve Excellence

Dare to envision a world, in which your dreams can come true: spark new ideas and shape them, ally to an inspiring vision and trigger a new consistent strategy, find a dynamic and lasting balance, align prosperity and fulfillment.

Motivation is the key element of this creative force and is also the key to how we transform our dreams into targets.


Realise your dreams

Our approach is based on a generativity principle: the profound conviction that every person and system contains already the necessary resources to find the appropriate solutions by drawing from their inner self.

Shining a light on our client’s full potential is our passion.

We invite you to start together the most inspiring journey. 

Come and awake your genius...


Yodeleï was inspired by the voice of the mountains


The "Yodel" was originally a means of communication between alpine villages, which is a beautiful metaphor of a lifetime passion: to connect and build bridges.


The Swiss Alps! The dream of a teenage girl following her grandfather’s footsteps, as if she could find pieces of her essence through every step.


Many years have challenged her strength and determination on the endless path  of self-discovery and growth…

To finally reach the top of the mountain and live everyday following her life's purpose.

Yodeleï is born from the introspective power of the mountain, from the most intimate voice, the one that inspires a profound respect for the development of life and fulfillment.


Sofi Larran

Yodelei’s Founder

A broad range of experiences and a creative, thoughtful approach

Convinced by the decisive contribution of individuals in the success of any business, she searches through her work, to translate the potential of each person into exceptional results linking economic growth to human resources development.


During the last ten years performing as an executive coach, trainer and human resources development consultant, she has committed to strive and conceptualize excellence and to translate it into concrete results, designing customized solutions to respond to the specific needs of her clients.

An extensive multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary experience gained over twelve years in different sectors of Swiss Private Banking and a simultaneous approach of economist and coach, allow her to invest in complex restructuring projects and business development strategies. Of Swiss-Argentine origin, Sofi also trains individuals in Professional Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and leadership for innovation.

She obtained the following certificates

  • Master of Arts – Political Economics (in German language), Fribourg, Switzerland

  • Master Trainer and Consultant NLP at NLPU University, certified by Robert Dilts, Santa Cruz (California)

  • Trainer of Coaching RelationCare® Program (ICF ACTP) awarded by its creator David Hertz / WAKAN (Geneva)

  • Professional Certified Coach ICF (PCC), Master Coach (ACSTH/ICF and Eduqua) and Professional Coach (ACTP and Eduqua) certified by IDC (Geneva)

  • Certified SFM Consultant: « Generative Consultant» (2018) and « Conscious Leadership and Resilience for innovation »
    (2017) ; Dilts Strategy Group, Santa Cruz (California)

  • Trainer in “Leadership and Relational Growth” Comprofiles/Prof R. Weisz (France)

  • Certified Leadership Architect 101 Korn Ferry, Zürich

  • Fluent in Spanish, French, German and English

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